Himachal Pradesh

Find yourself in a different world when you visit Himachal Pradesh. This state within India is found in the northern region where the Himalayas define the landscape. Immerse yourself in the culture found in Himachal Pradesh, which includes lush lands full of crops, majestic mountain peaks and stunning valleys. Along with its natural wonders, Himachal Pradesh also offers religious landmarks. Hindus are welcome to explore the many temples and pilgrimage sites found in this state. In fact, many people migrate to India each year just to worship as they please. You can even find Buddhist monasteries in Himachal Pradesh, which reflects on the accepting nature among the people of India.

Outdoor recreation is also a big draw when it comes to visiting this exotic land. The mountains provide a chilly escape from the hotter parts of India. Skiing, ice skating and other wintry activities are popular here. If a calmer reprieve is your goal, be sure to take a hike among the trees. Himachal Pradesh is home to many flora and fauna that can thrill every visitor. The quiet journey through the rural areas can make for a memorable time in Himachal Pradesh. These lands are a wonder to behold.

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Manali - A Romantic Hill Station

Manali - A Romantic Hill Station

Published: March 27, 2021
Manali is a picturesque and romantic hill station gloriously ensconced in the Beas River Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Blessed with a rich culture and nature's unmatched beauty, this hilly tourist town is known for its gurgling streams, lush meadows, and fragrant forests.
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