Himachal Pradesh

Tourists may be unfamiliar with Mandi in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, but it's a town worth visiting one day. Its layout is much like a grand installation of shops. Many vendors centralized in a bazaar are ready to sell you all sorts of goods.

Keep in mind that the temperatures in Mandi can be some of the hottest around, so start your exploring early on in the morning. Along with many shops, the city contains nearly 100 temples surrounding the area. These structures have varying ages, so be sure to enjoy the history of each one.

Mandi is often overlooked as a tourist attraction when compared to other cities, but it has its advantages. You can venture off in almost any direction from Mandi, such as to Rewalsar Lake. The River Beas is also nearby, which gives you a cool reprieve from the hottest days. One of the prized attractions in Mandi is the Raj Mahal Palace. This building alone will captivate the mind as you appreciate the craftsmanship. Just outside of the palace is a sunken garden that's carefully pruned throughout the year.

Don't hesitate to talk to the locals as you get an inside glimpse of this beautiful world.

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