Destinations in India

The country of India exemplifies the term "contrasts" where visitors can find modern and ancient experiences nestled within a world that runs from extremely dry to incredibly snowy. For visitors to India, the first challenge is to select a region or city that has many attractions. Because the country is so large, it makes sense to turn to a local guide for the answers.

Find your next dream vacation by simply browsing through our listed destinations. Would you like a trip that's centered around temples or ancient structures? Certain cities and entire states are geared toward these religious relics. Some visitors are more inclined to try an experience within India, including elaborate festivals, solemn rituals or adventures in nature. This great country can fulfill all your needs. You must simply plan ahead for those popular adventures.

The climate and landscape might also be a consideration. New Delhi and other bustling cities are home to desert-like conditions that offer flat walks to most attractions. Other travelers might gravitate toward the Himalayas that define the northernmost regions. India's contrasts also extend to weather, which means your plans should reflect the proper time of season. Be aware of monsoon season or when snow is possible in the mountains. You'll want to plan out when festivals might be in full swing too, or when the cities are the most deserted for those quiet retreats. Every person can have a unique experience in India with a little planning ahead of time.

Step outside of your comfort zone by visiting those communities that don't see so many visitors. The locals typically love to share their culture and stories as you shop, dine and drink through your stay. There's no other way to experience India without walking through the main streets and speaking to the locals. They might even suggest a landmark that you've never heard of before. Surprises abound as you learn more about India and its people. From animal preserves to beach retreats, India's states and cities are just waiting to be discovered. Today's travelers are in for an amazing treat as they move across this subcontinent.