Millions of people around the globe are familiar with the city called Delhi. It's home to millions of locals who practice various religions and richly contribute to the Indian culture. The city is so large that it's divided into sections and districts. North, South and Central Delhi areas have many hotels, resorts and landmarks to visit. As a traveler, there's plenty to see and do in this fascinating region.

See sites that are unique to the area, such as Agrasen ki Baoli. This structure is actually a step well from many generations ago. In contrast, a modern attraction at the Waste to Wonder Park is a great way to see human ingenuity in action. Waste formed into replicas of the world's seven wonders gives you a glimpse at how people can make something good out of unused items.

Put other landmarks on your bucket list, including Qutub Minar and Humayun's Tomb. Between the sites are many vendors and restaurants to try along the way. Ask the locals about the area and everyday life. Choose a hotel or resort that reflects the Indian culture.

Delhi is rich in so many ways, which makes it a destination to enjoy for several days.

Must-see attractions

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Best time to visit

The best time to visit Delhi is during the cooler months. Essentially, October through March is the prime season for cool weather and beautiful flowering plants. If you plan an early spring visit, however, then the subtropical heat will be at its peak. Truthfully, the temperatures can rise higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit at this time. Alternatively, late summer visits are prone to monsoonal storms that can impede any walks around town.

In addition, consider the time of day for most of the attractions. Typically, monuments and parks are open during the daytime. Other landmarks and events might have evening hours, such as accommodating light shows. Naturally, it's even cooler in the evening, so these attractions are often popular among tourists and locals.

Things to do

Some of the most beautiful structures reside in Delhi. For many visitors, these landmarks are bucket-list items, such as:

Each day, the city comes alive with dense traffic, so starting early for any adventure is preferable. Ideally, select attractions that are nestled together so that you can make the most of your time.

Next, consider your transportation options to the destination. Although walking is always acceptable, taking a rickshaw to the landmark might save you time. Truthfully, any rickshaw ride is an experience itself as you see Delhi from this quirky form of transportation.

Naturally, pay careful attention to any rules or customs associated with each landmark. With any culture or religion, there may be clothing guidelines that garner respect in a particular area. With attention to these details, any Delhi itinerary is sure to please.

Why visit Delhi

Visiting Delhi gives you a glimpse of ancient and modern influences on architecture, lifestyle and even religion. Because the British occupied this area for many years, their influence can be found throughout the city. Overall, history curiosity is a solid reason to visit Delhi.

Also, Delhi has many shopping areas where visitors can purchase local goods and try distinct flavors. In most cases, vendors offer reasonable prices for their goods and services. Walking through the various bazaars gives you a taste of being a local in an ancient land.

Lastly, Delhi offers spiritual freedom. For example, watch a prayer ceremony and learn about a new religion. Overall, the numerous religions practiced in Delhi are open to new followers as they focus on their spirituality.

Delhi may be a dense community, but planning a proper itinerary will make your travels easier. Book your lodging, buy attraction tickets and consider your pathways to each landmark so that you can get the most out of your trip. In the end, Delhi is one of the most unique places to explore on your trip around the world.