Delhi Tourism


Millions of people around the globe are familiar with the city called Delhi. It's home to millions of locals who practice various religions and richly contribute to the Indian culture. The city is so large that it's divided into sections and districts. North, South and Central Delhi areas have many hotels, resorts and landmarks to visit. As a traveler, there's plenty to see and do in this fascinating region.

See sites that are unique to the area, such as Agrasen ki Baoli. This structure is actually a step well from many generations ago. In contrast, a modern attraction at the Waste to Wonder Park is a great way to see human ingenuity in action. Waste formed into replicas of the world's seven wonders gives you a glimpse at how people can make something good out of unused items.

Put other landmarks on your bucket list, including Qutub Minar and Humayun's Tomb. Between the sites are many vendors and restaurants to try along the way. Ask the locals about the area and everyday life. Choose a hotel or resort that reflects the Indian culture.

Delhi is rich in so many ways, which makes it a destination to enjoy for several days. The entire Delhi region is divided into 5 different zones.

East Delhi

East Delhi is home to many historically important buildings, including several temples. Start off your visit at the Uttara Guruvayurappan Temple. It has a bright-red rooftop and other accents that seem to invite you in.

Walk the grounds and worship as you please because this temple is a pilgrimage site for many Hindus. If you want a more spectacular sight, a trip to the Akshardham Temple is in order. Its towers seem to stretch into the sky as you enjoy this worshiping facility. Meditate inside or outside as you feel at peace with the world.

If the tourist attractions become too busy, consider a visit to Sanjay Lake. It's a man-made water feature, but it fits right into the landscape. Take a picnic to the water and be aware of any birds migrating nearby. Many different species will frequent the lake, including pintails, Indian spot-billed ducks and more. A pair of binoculars might be a good idea here. When you're ready to brave the crowds, head to Chota Bazar where you can shop for hours on end. Find regional clothing, designer favorites, toys and any other item you can imagine in this vendor heaven.

East Delhi combines both traditional heritage and modern accents for the world's travelers.

West Delhi

There's something for everyone in West Delhi. This region is home to both ancient and modern marvels, which thrills nearly every traveler. Start out your visit with a serene walk through the Rock Garden. This hidden gem is mostly known to the locals. There are towering trees, lush landscapes and plenty of places to relax.

With a calm mindset, head over to the Tilak Nagar Market. This shopping center is a clever place to find regional dresses and other clothing. This region is known for its hot days, so wearing lightweight clothes designed for the temperatures will make you comfortable all day long.

Turn your attention to the Jhandewalan Temple. Hindus visit this sacred site throughout the year. Enjoy the beauty and peaceful feelings that surround this structure. If you want a more modern thrill on your West Delhi trip, consider a day at Adventure Park. Rides, comfort food and much more will engage every age group. You might be tempted by the jungle maze too.

West Delhi has so much to show off as you enjoy the sights, people and unique culture. Spend a day or two here so that you can feel part of this ancient world.

North Delhi

North Delhi is distinctly different than its surrounding neighborhoods. When travelers first arrive, they might be attracted to the Kamala Nagar Market. This maze of vendors gives you a sample of the food, culture and people found in North Delhi. Try amazing recipes that have been passed down through the generations here. You might even find an outfit that catches your eye.

If you're looking for structural landmarks, North Delhi is home to William Fraser's Bungalow. This building has traditional architecture and interesting history associated with it. Both travelers and locals enjoy this historical site. People who're looking for more spiritual landmarks can visit Chauburja Mosque, which is a structure that was built in the 14th century and remains in good standing among believers.

Get away from it all with a trip to Kamla Nehru Ridge. This North Delhi retreat is perfect for people who want to feel the pulse of nature. It's known for its grassy areas, gorgeous trees and ample walkways as you breathe in the fresh air. There are also landmarks hidden within this region, such as Flagstaff Tower.

See what North Delhi can do for your mind and body as you discover its culture and friendly people.

South Delhi

South Delhi is a region where history meets modern living. Travelers might start their explorations in Hauz Khas Village where ornate buildings house so many treasures. You can see art, meet with friends and try a few snacks at this location. No one will be hungry after visiting this village.

Another landmark that demands attention is the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. This huge area consists of buildings that are historic and revealed in fine details across their exterior walls. Bring your camera to capture every aspect of this historic landmark.

When you need some time to relax and reflect, try a trip to the Garden of Five Senses. This gorgeous garden is home to plants, hardscapes and water features. Sit down on any of the comfortable benches so that you can be transported to a meditative state in minutes. There are plenty of great angles for pictures too. The flowers will be in full bloom in the early to mid spring. You can even see flowers into the summer and fall.

With your spirits rejuvenated, you can visit other landmarks in South Delhi, including the Tughlaqabad Fort, so that you can really understand the Indian people. History is told through these structures as you enjoy the land.

Central Delhi

Central Delhi is home to more than a half million people, which makes it a popular place to travel for interested explorers. Many visitors come to Central Delhi for one purpose: to be one with Mahatma Gandhi. Come to the Raj Ghat where a memorial is set up in his name. Its without any ornamental fanfare, but it's a perfect place to stop and reflect on peace and tranquility.

With your spirits lifted, you might venture out to shop in the many stores found in Connaught Place. It's easy to spend an entire day here, so plan your day accordingly. From trinkets to gorgeous clothing, these shops reflect the best that Central Delhi has to offer.

A fascinating tour can be found at the mansion of the President of India. The Rashtrapati Bhavan structure houses many relics from around the world. Be sure to check the visiting hours so that you can take your time at this location. For an outdoor adventure, look for the Lutyen's Bungalow Zone. Grassy areas with bungalows dotting the landscape are meditative areas for any travelers.

Central Delhi offers a little something for every personality. Find your freedom and enjoy a history lesson with a trip today.