West Delhi

There's something for everyone in West Delhi. This region is home to both ancient and modern marvels, which thrills nearly every traveler. Start out your visit with a serene walk through the Rock Garden. This hidden gem is mostly known to the locals. There are towering trees, lush landscapes and plenty of places to relax.

With a calm mindset, head over to the Tilak Nagar Market. This shopping center is a clever place to find regional dresses and other clothing. This region is known for its hot days, so wearing lightweight clothes designed for the temperatures will make you comfortable all day long.

Turn your attention to the Jhandewalan Temple. Hindus visit this sacred site throughout the year. Enjoy the beauty and peaceful feelings that surround this structure. If you want a more modern thrill on your West Delhi trip, consider a day at Adventure Park. Rides, comfort food and much more will engage every age group. You might be tempted by the jungle maze too.

West Delhi has so much to show off as you enjoy the sights, people and unique culture. Spend a day or two here so that you can feel part of this ancient world.

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