Terms & Conditions

We provide the best quality service in order to make your vacations as delightful as we can. The company takes care of almost all the expenses that occur during the journey. However, there are a number of terms and conditions that are applicable to the offers that we provide.

If there is an extra person traveling with a customer or a couple then the charges depend upon the age of the extra person and the requirement of an extra bed. If the extra person is a child of 0 to 6 years of age and he/she is sharing bed with the parents, then we provide it complementary with the package.

If the child is above 7 years of age, then 25% of the package price per person has to be charged. Same is also applicable for an extra adult sharing the same room with an extra bed.

The meals are included in the package on the condition that the customers avail them only in the specified hotel. The meals which the travelers avail while traveling and those which the customers have outside the specified hotel are not included in the package. Such meals shall be payable by the customer. In addition to these charges, the customer shall also pay the Entrance fees (in case of amusement parks, recreational centers etc.) wherever that is applicable.

All the packages are extendable but only on a pro-rata basis. The extendibility of the package also depends upon the availability of seats in the desired tour package.

Customers shall make the full and final payment at the time of the booking of the reservation. The payment must be made either by cheque or by a cash deposit in bank.

It is important to note that if the customers do not avail all the facilities that are being offered, then there is no policy for any refund of such unused facilities.

The cost of the package is inclusive of all the taxes that are applicable during the journey.

Rules regarding Cancellation of the Reservation

Although we wish that you travel with us and experience the excellence of the quality of services that we provide, but in case there arises a case of cancellation, then the following conditions apply: -

  • If there are less than 15 days left for the actual journey but there are still more than 10 days, then the customer shall pay the 30 % of the package price.
  • Similarly, if less than 10 days are left for the actual journey but there are still more than 7 days left, then the customer will be charged the 50% of the full package price.
  • If the customer intends to make a cancellation when there is only 7 days or less left, then the company is not liable for any refund. In the same way if the customer does not show up at the time of the actual journey then he is liable to pay the full package amount without any chances of refund.