Come and see what the definition of paradise is with a visit to Kerala. This Indian state is relatively small in square mileage, but it boasts some of the most beautiful views in the world. Canals, rivers, lakes and the shoreline make Kerala a place with many areas to bask by the water. In fact, the Mangalam Dam Reservoir is particularly thrilling because of its view of the nearby mountains.

The Western Ghats dominate the horizon above the reservoir, which makes this visit perfect for a picnic, good conversation or simple meditation. With a handful of beaches to thrill nearly every traveler, Kerala offers many ways to enjoy the land, people and culture.

Eco-tourism is another draw to this state. There are a dozen wildlife sanctuaries, including land preserves and protected-bird sections. Travelers are welcome to visit these sanctuaries so that they can get to know the unique plants and animals defining the area. If you're a fan of tea, plantations are another traveler's paradise as you see the plants grown from their very beginnings. Every traveler can find something that entices them in Kerala.

Plan your getaway today. The people and culture will fill you with admiration as you learn more about India.

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