Learn so much about India's history when you visit Kochi. This city offers a mixture of different influences, including Dutch and Portuguese, from past colonial eras. In fact, China's influence is also felt as you move around the city. Start out your journey with a look at a palace. The Mattancherry Palace has vast grounds to stroll across as you gaze at the murals painted there. It's only a few miles away from the city's center, which makes it easy to reach by public transport.

One of the most eye-catching sites in Kochi are the Chinese fishing nets. They flank the water's edge with grand shapes that seem to touch the sky. The nets are a reflection on the hardworking culture found in both China and India. Fishermen actually use these nets at times, which is proof that traditional methods are still viable in the modern times. Discover even more about Kochi with a trip to a few other sites, such as Fort Kochi and the Jewish Synagogue. Both attractions have historic value along with interesting insights into the local culture. Take your time with each visit so that you can get the most out of the experience. Kochi touches every traveler on some level.