Kollam Travel Guide


A mixture of beach paradise, historical sites and spiritual experiences await you in the beautiful city of Kollam. Begin your exploration with a trip to Ashtamude Lake. This body of water has a fan or palm shape that stretches for miles. Take your time along the shore where you can see many birds and other animals enjoying the landscape. Many interesting structures flank the shoreline, such as Thevally Palace. Walk around the grounds here, and see the ornate exterior to this royal historical site. The wind through the trees gives you a relaxed feeling as you take in the local beauty.

For a more modern experience, try a trip to the Jatayu Nature Park. This elaborate place has rock climbing, laser tag and other fun distractions. Take in a movie at the digital theater too. The building is hard to miss because it's in the shape of a mythical bird. Take some time out for you as the beach beckons. The Mahatma Gandhi Beach and Park offers a picnic area and vast, sandy spaces to stretch out. Kollam has many other tourist attractions to share with the world, so be sure to plan out your time to see as much as possible.