West Bengal

Travelers may be already familiar with West Bengal because of its association with British rule many decades ago. The East India Trading Company originated here, which makes the capital of Kolkata or Calcutta extremely popular for tourists. This land has its history along with its amazing geography.

Most of the state is covered in forest. Among the trees are cultivated lands that people tend to each day. You'll find tea, tropical fruits and even wheat being grown in West Bengal. The ample rainfall makes the area perfect for plant growth.

West Bengal is also home to some of the worlds most recognizable animals. Bengal tigers and elephants can be found here. Travelers are welcome to explore nature preserves and contribute to the cause as you learn about the flora and fauna found in this part of India.

For more information about West Bengal's culture, look for trips to local museums. Learn about the music, literature and traditions found in this corner of the world. Many locals live in villages here, which tells you that family and friends are important relationships that build Indian communities.

Explore West Bengal so that you can have a deeper understanding of this land and its people.

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