Once known as Calcutta, India, Kolkata thrives today as a bustling metropolis that also supports its ancient heritage. Visitors to the area may be overwhelmed by the city's density and vibrant culture, but there's so much more to the people and region than just the metro hum.

Start out your journey at any one of the many landmarks around the city, such as St. Paul's Cathedral. This glorious structure is surrounded by well-manicured lawns, which allows everyone to gain a gorgeous photo with every angle around the property. See other amazing structures in town too. The Victoria Memorial, Belur Mutt and Indian Museum are all worth the time on your vacation.

Kolkata is also Mother Teresa's former home. The Mother House is a definite must-see landmark where her followers care for the property as her legacy endures. This city is full of historical experiences, so be sure to bring a camera and read up on Kolkata's amazing roots. As a diversion, stroll through the numerous marketplaces where you can pick up almost any trinket, food or drink originating in India.

Kolkata's people welcome visitors with their arms open wide. It's time to discover this city as it grows into a modern marvel.

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