Munnar Travel Guide


Munnar is a bustling city with a modern vibe to its personality. As a traveler, you aren't looking for the everyday city, however. Learn all about this region by exploring the area just outside of the city's center point. The greenery will overwhelm your eyes in an instant. In fact, this area is known for its tea plants. The mixture of ample rainfall and sunny conditions allows the plants to thrive through many seasons.

A top destination within Munnar is Top Station. Looking down on the valley, you might have a chance at seeing blue flowers that only blossom every 12 years. The elevation can be a bit overwhelming, so take your time on the way up. Another hillside attraction is Echo Point. As you look out over the land, feel free to call out a word or sentence. The acoustics are so unique at Echo Point that you can distinctly hear your words echo back to you. For an indoor reprieve, enjoy a walk through the tea museum. Munnar locals take pride in their cultivation, and there are many years of history to peruse at the museum. Grab a bite to eat afterward so that you can experience Munnar's delicacies too.