Poovar, Kerala

Poovar is a treasure along India's coastline where several bodies of water meet. In fact, the swaying coconut trees in Poovar give off a sense of paradise as you visit the area. Your first stop should be to Poovar Beach. Only water taxis can reach this sandy haven, which makes it a unique stop for people in the know. Sit under those tall trees for a bit of shade as you take in the beauty of the waterways. Keep an eye out for the fishing villages that flank the water's edge too. Locals rely on the water for their livelihoods.

This town isn't considered a big city, but you can still find exciting things to do and see. There are many shops with souvenirs for every personality. When you want a break from the sandy shoreline, shopping is a great reprieve. Depending on the time of year, Poovar also hosts boat races. These vessels are referred to as snake boats, and they reflect the beauty, culture and creativity of this region. Schedule your trip to Poovar so that you can discover relaxation on another level. The gentle breeze and gorgeous shoreline can entice every traveler to stay just a bit longer.

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