Discover a world that's unlike the typical India with a trip to Alappuzha. This land has the nickname of being the Venice of the East. As you arrive, that moniker couldn't be more true. This town is full of waterways that stretch and meander across many miles. Houseboats, punted canoes and small villages call the waterways home. For visitors, you're welcome to check out the shops that the locals run. All sorts of treasures can be found in these areas.

Locals take advantage of the ample water by cultivating rice. Paddy fields can be seen for miles around when you explore the region. In fact, families for generations have farmed as a way to support their families. Try out some of the foods grown and cooked in Alappuzha. The exotic tastes are unique to the area. There are also plenty of ways to get around town. Take a water transport, scoot down the highway or try a bus. Alappuzha has been slowly modernizing so that you can explore with ease. Its old-world charm hasn't been lost in the process either. If you visit at the right time, you can also check out the yearly boat races that occur at a nearby lake.