East Delhi


East Delhi is home to many historically important buildings, including several temples. Start off your visit at the Uttara Guruvayurappan Temple. It has a bright-red rooftop and other accents that seem to invite you in.

Walk the grounds and worship as you please because this temple is a pilgrimage site for many Hindus. If you want a more spectacular sight, a trip to the Akshardham Temple is in order. Its towers seem to stretch into the sky as you enjoy this worshiping facility. Meditate inside or outside as you feel at peace with the world.

If the tourist attractions become too busy, consider a visit to Sanjay Lake. It's a man-made water feature, but it fits right into the landscape. Take a picnic to the water and be aware of any birds migrating nearby. Many different species will frequent the lake, including pintails, Indian spot-billed ducks and more. A pair of binoculars might be a good idea here. When you're ready to brave the crowds, head to Chota Bazar where you can shop for hours on end. Find regional clothing, designer favorites, toys and any other item you can imagine in this vendor heaven.

East Delhi combines both traditional heritage and modern accents for the world's travelers.

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