North Delhi

North Delhi is distinctly different than its surrounding neighborhoods. When travelers first arrive, they might be attracted to the Kamala Nagar Market. This maze of vendors gives you a sample of the food, culture and people found in North Delhi. Try amazing recipes that have been passed down through the generations here. You might even find an outfit that catches your eye.

If you're looking for structural landmarks, North Delhi is home to William Fraser's Bungalow. This building has traditional architecture and interesting history associated with it. Both travelers and locals enjoy this historical site. People who're looking for more spiritual landmarks can visit Chauburja Mosque, which is a structure that was built in the 14th century and remains in good standing among believers.

Get away from it all with a trip to Kamla Nehru Ridge. This North Delhi retreat is perfect for people who want to feel the pulse of nature. It's known for its grassy areas, gorgeous trees and ample walkways as you breathe in the fresh air. There are also landmarks hidden within this region, such as Flagstaff Tower.

See what North Delhi can do for your mind and body as you discover its culture and friendly people.

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