Explore the India that you might find in old texts and modern books by visiting Karnataka. This state resides on the west coast of India, which means that beaches are available for relaxation any time. In fact, it's possible to lay out on the beach in the morning and see an exotic animal in the nearby dense forest by the late afternoon. Karnataka includes many preserves that are home to tigers, elephants and many more animals. It's truly a world that's perfect for animal lovers.

Famous national parks are big draws for tourists, including the Nagarhole, Bannerghatta and Bandipura locations. Learn about the local flora and fauna at these preserves because your support helps them with global visibility and financial donations. Consider your visit's timing too. Avoid the hottest part of the year by traveling to Karnataka after the monsoons or during the winter season.

You can hike within the parks or visit the local towns without too much heat impacting your day. Don't forget to see the many temples that call Karnataka home too. The Hoysala temples, for example, will teach visitors about architecture and history at the same time. Do your research beforehand to pick the perfect retreat in Karnataka.

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