If paradise is a destination you crave, then Gokarna is a perfect selection. This city rests along the Indian shoreline, which is what makes it such a draw for visitors and locals alike. The calming waters bring you to a meditative state as you enjoy the best that India has to offer. There are numerous beaches to enjoy, such as Om and Kudle beaches. For a more exclusive visit, try an adventure to Paradise Beach. It's off the beaten path where only hikers and boats can access it. Once you're there, the calm water and quiet surroundings are your reward.

Many visitors come to Gokarna for the temples. These structures built for the faithful are an experience unlike any other. Meditate, relax and contemplate life as you walk through the buildings. The Subrahmanya and Bhadrakali temples, in particular, can draw many travelers to the area. Come by early so that you can explore your spirituality before others arrive. A more natural place to meditate might be at Shiva Cave. This landmark is carved out of the land with an amazing view surrounding it. As you explore Gokarna, you'll find so many treasures that you'll want to spend several days in this magical region.

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