When you visit India, you're being welcomed into an ancient world mixed with modern luxuries. The ruins and historical buildings found in Hampi are a perfect example of faith, culture and beauty that should be experienced by all travelers. There are dozens of landmarks to explore in this city alone, so be sure to plan out your travels beforehand. The Vithala and Pampapathi temples are great places to start. They're both popular attractions with plenty of architecture and history for every curious person. The Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple rises above the rest on a hilltop in gorgeous white hues. Don't miss this landmark as the sun passes across the sky.

When you want to shop for those local treasures, the Hampi Bazaar is open to all locals and visitors. Colorful items, foods and other products can be found in this breezy storefront. Go explore other areas around the city, including Hippie Island. You'll find a natural wonderland on this island with many areas to relax and play. Whether you want to explore history or local culture, Hampi is a city with many diversions for the everyday traveler. Get to know this part of India with its rich stories and amazing people.

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