Madhya Pradesh

Nature, culture and sports are all defining aspects of beautiful Madhya Pradesh. This centrally located state in India is home to millions of people with various backgrounds. In fact, many of the traditions found in Madhya Pradesh can date back to the 10th century. From honey production to cricket games, activities in this part of India are diverse and unique.

Start out with a look at the flora and fauna at one of the nature preserves or national parks. Vultures, tigers, flycatchers and other animals are thrills to see. Look out for lilies and banyan trees in Madhya Pradesh too. Much of the land is dedicated to agriculture, but other areas thrive on wildlife growing and thriving without human interference.

If you're a sports fan, Madhya Pradesh offers many spectator events. Cricket is the main draw, but you can also find volleyball, basketball and other sports to watch. Check out some of the stadiums that are found in Madhya Pradesh for a sports schedule. Locals work and play hard in this area. Travelers can enjoy sightseeing during the day and a sports game in the afternoon or evening.

With food vendors around many corners, Madhya Pradesh is a place to explore any time of year.

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