Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Although thousands of visitors flock to nearby Agra every year, there's a city treasure to be found not far away. Plan a trip to Gwalior where you can see the real side of Indian life. As you enter the city, it has a distinct appearance with its many forts. In fact, history has been made for generations in this city. As you roam about, keep your ears open for sounds of classical music. People of all musical levels have played and performed in Gwalior, which makes it a city of music in many people's eyes.

Don't forget to visit the museums that call Gwalior home too. The Gujari Mahal is a museum that also doubles as an archaeological site. See scientists' work appear from the ground as you explore the nearby exhibits. Sculptures and other relics are on full display as you learn more about Gwalior and its people. If you're a fan of royalty, this city is full of palaces that span centuries of time. Both foreign and domestic monarchs have ruled these lands, and their influence has been felt for generations. Take photos and bask in the shadows that these palaces cast because Gwalior is full of stories and glory to be shared.

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