Punjab is a state that's found at the northern end of India. It's an incredibly important part of the country because of its fertile land. As you roam about Punjab, crops rise up from the ground as farmers cultivate the sections. Rice, wheat, barley, vegetables and fruits are all grown in this region. Because of the abundant waterways, the land remains irrigated as it supports other life, including buffaloes, honeybees and silkworms.

Travelers can marvel at the plentiful agriculture as they seek out other highlights in Punjab, such as festivals and temples. Simply plan out your adventure before heading out to this friendly state.

Contrary to popular belief, Punjab festivals aren't all religious in nature. There are plenty of semi-secular gatherings that occur each year, such as the Basant Kite Festival, Mela Maghi and Lohri. Every festival has its traditions and fun. If you're looking for a more relaxed experience, visit the historical sites around Punjab. The Golden Temple is a popular attraction, which rivals the Taj Mahal in visitors each year. Palaces are also a sight to see, so research the lands that you want to see.

Punjab is an eclectic area that deserves a visit from global travelers.

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