Feel like a queen or king when you visit Kapurthala, India. This bustling city is home to several palaces, vast gardens and a culture that's unique to the region. If you ever wanted to experience a festival with Indian culture as a focal point, Kapurthala is the destination to add to your bucket list.

Plan your trip for April and May because one of the most popular festivals happens at this time. Referred to as Baisakhi, this gathering puts the harvest season in the spotlight. Locals and visitors alike can frolic in the streets as you celebrate new life and spring in full blossom.

For a modern perspective of Kapurthala, explore Pushpa Gujral Science City. This destination is full of activities, exhibits, shows and much more. It's a distinctly different tourist attraction in comparison to the surrounding landmarks. After getting your fill of the scientific world, discover the architectural details found at the nearby palaces. Jagatjit Palace, for example, is particularly breathtaking. Take your time as you meander through the streets and relax at the local hotels.

Kapurthala has a little something for every visitor. Keep history in mind as you appreciate both the young and old landmarks dotting this proud city.

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