Both technological and historical marvels are part of the charm that is Pathankot. This city is nestled in the northwest region of India within the state of Punjab. Your first look at Pathankot might be one of awe.

There's a reservoir that's been created by the Ranjit Sagar Dam. It looks more like a natural lake with trees surrounding the shoreline, however. The reservoir and dam provide water to the locals, which is a true marvel from the technological side.

Visit many other landmarks in Pathankot with historical precedence. The Nurpur Fort is nearly 1,000 years old. Within its walls is a Krishna temple. Its ancient history brings many visitors to its sanctum. For another religious wonder, take a look at the Mukteshwar Temple. This structure is unique because of its many caves hidden within.

When you just want to enjoy some relaxing time, there are plenty of grassy areas and shopping vendors to fill the time. Eat local delicacies, pick up a regional treasure and simply watch the locals go about their day.

Pathankot is a proud city with many stories to be told. Plan out your trips to forts, temples and other landmarks to see it all on your next vacation.

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