From religious landmarks to unusual architecture, the city of Sirhind is full of sights that are sure to please. Travelers may be familiar with Sirhind because it's often referred to as the second Mecca.

Sunni Muslims often visit this city in order to worship and become one with their faith. Specifically, they congregate at Rauza Sharif where history and religion intertwine. If you time your trip with the annual Urs of Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi, believers from every part of the world will often gather here.

If you're a Sikh or interested in this faith, plan on a visit to Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib. This huge complex houses many shrines for the faithful. History has shown that both Muslims and Sikhs have lived and thrived in this area for many generations.

For another look at life in Sirhind, enjoy the ingenuity of the Floating Restaurant. It rests within a canal, which gives you a clear view of the water surrounding the structure as you dine. This landmark has drawn in many curious visitors over the years. In fact, it's been in operation since the 1970's.

Sirhind offers so much culture, faith-based experiences and delicious dining that it cannot be missed on your next trip to India.

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