One of the most gorgeous cities in all of Punjab is called Faridkot. Named after Sheikh Farid after his divine vision, Faridkot is full of structures that are architectural wonders along with historical treasures. Walk around the city to see a handful of buildings, including the Raj Mahal.

This religious destination has a French influence that can be seen through its spires and surrounding architecture. You might stroll along the grassy areas around the building before approaching its grand entrance. Consider experiences at other structures around town too, such as the Darbar Ganj, Gurdwara Godri Sahib and even the Fairy Cottage. The cottage is a stark contrast to the other buildings in the area with its humble construction and gorgeous surroundings. Bring the kids and a picnic to this destination.

Punjab is known for its arid climate, but this city has a clever way to supply water to the locals. Visit the Rajasthan and Sirhind Canals when you plan out your Faridkot trip. These waterways are over 100 years old, and yet they still offer functional value to irrigation and drinking water in the region.

Bring an open mind and beautiful spirit to Faridkot as you discover another side to India's people.

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