Nature lovers rejoice when they visit Chandigarh, India. This destination has a mixture of awe-inspiring landmarks coupled with gardens that are sure to refresh the mind and body.

Discover Leisure Valley where you can walk among the trees, have a picnic and breathe in the fresh air. There's also a festival that's an annual occurrence, so plan accordingly. Another natural landmark is the Pinjore Garden. It has a more manicured appearance compared to Leisure Valley, and it offers amazing fountains that dazzle and relax the mind. Bring the children to frolic here because the fountains and open spaces are perfect for reconnecting with nature.

Chandigarh reflects on nature in other ways with a landmark dedicated to man-made waste. The Rock Garden uses this waste in an artistic manner, and its beauty cannot be denied. This attraction gives you a view of humans' impacts on the environment, but also how it can be harnessed in productive ways. Alternatively, take in a cricket game, shop at the Sector 17 Market or experience the nightlife that Chandigarh has to offer.

This city is a unique mixture of history and modern living that can please nearly every traveler. See Chandigarh with loved ones on your quest to see all of India.

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