There is truly no other sight that's as stunning as the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. In fact, it stands out like a beacon to both believers and nonbelievers alike. It's flanked by white buildings that bring out its brilliant color.

The Golden Temple dates back to 1577 when Guru Ram Das, the fourth Sikh guru, founded it. It used to be surrounded by busy streets with merchants covering every space. Currently, the city has changed the immediate surroundings into peaceful walkways to complement the temple's serenity.

As you enjoy Amritsar, be sure to gaze into the smaller corners of the city. Bazaars with plenty of goods are at your disposal. These merchants and goods reflect the city's history as the temple's surroundings give off a more modern appearance. Discover foods, crafts and textiles among the sellers in Amritsar. Along with shopping and spiritual landmarks, be sure to look for museums and other sites that tell a story about this Indian region.

Amritsar is a busy city, but it has humble roots that stretch back into time. Learn about the Sikhs and Hindus who built this city up from hundreds of years ago. Supporting history and the city today will help Amritsar thrive through the 21st century.

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