Himachal Pradesh

From the moment that you enter the city limits, Kangra stands out as a gorgeous city with an unparalleled view. The Dhauladhar mountain range is the backdrop for your unforgettable visit in Kangra. In fact, it's often covered in snow, which is a sharp contrast to the surrounding land full of trees and grasses. Look a bit closer, and you might see tea being cultivated in the fertile lands too.

The Gopalpur Nature Park is a perfect location to see tea growing as vigorously as any other plant. Alternatively, this area has a long history with landmarks to match. As a small city, Kangra is perfect as a day trip from another region when you want to see more of India's lands.

Follow the tourists to the Kangra Fort that's one of the most popular attractions around. You're welcome to take in its beauty on your own, or you might opt for an audio tour of the grounds. Additionally, there are a handful of temples to visit as well. Ask about the Jawalaji or Baba Baroh temples when you visit the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Kangra welcomes all visitors as you enjoy the sites and appreciate the history that dwells here.

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