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See a different side of India with a vacation to Shimla. Located in Himachal Pradesh, this city has a definite edge to it. In fact, it's located along a ridge of the nearby Himalayan mountains. It used to be known as the capital of British India, but Shimla is now known as a gorgeous region to escape to during the warmer months. In fact, it's decidedly cooler in Shimla even during July and August. This temperature difference between Shimla and greater India is thanks to the city's elevation that hovers around 7,000 feet above sea level.

It's not just the cooler weather that draws people to Shimla. The center point of the city has no wheeled traffic, which means that you can casually stroll among the old buildings and friendly people without worrying about collisions.

Gaze up at the nearby mountains, haggle with local vendors and enjoy the reprieve from the warmer weather that normally accents India's lower elevations. Be sure to look up the history that encompasses this city too. Art, theater and political upheavals have all taken place in and around Shimla.

Let the city speak to you as India's cooler regions charm even the hardiest of travelers.

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