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Explore the varying seasons in Manali, when you have an upcoming vacation. This gorgeous region offers views of the Himalayan mountains, which towers over the area from almost any angle. The mountains alone are enough to attract hundreds of visitors throughout the year.

Consider a spring or summer trip so that you can take on the local hiking trails and gaze out at nature. The locals love visitors during the warmer months because their resorts, goods and dining adventures are open for business. You might discover a new taste or thrill as you visit Manali on vacation.

Don't overlook this region during the winter months either. Skiing and other snow-driven activities are a thrill along the mountainsides. Keep in mind that some businesses do close during the colder months. Plan ahead so that you know what's open. Most resorts are happy to accommodate you and any questions about the region. The resort staff will often have insider tips about the best food right now or where to find a secluded area.

Manali has grown from a humble community to a tourist's dream. Learn all about fun, history and the Indian people with a trip to Manali today.

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Manali - A Romantic Hill Station
Published: March 27, 2021

Manali - A Romantic Hill Station

Manali is a picturesque and romantic hill station gloriously ensconced in the Beas River Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Blessed with a rich culture and nature's unmatched beauty, this hilly tourist town is known for its gurgling streams, lush meadows, and fragrant forests.

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