Explore the varying seasons in Manali, when you have an upcoming vacation. This gorgeous region offers views of the Himalayan mountains, which towers over the area from almost any angle. The mountains alone are enough to attract hundreds of visitors throughout the year.

Consider a spring or summer trip so that you can take on the local hiking trails and gaze out at nature. The locals love visitors during the warmer months because their resorts, goods and dining adventures are open for business. You might discover a new taste or thrill as you visit Manali on vacation.

Don't overlook this region during the winter months either. Skiing and other snow-driven activities are a thrill along the mountainsides. Keep in mind that some businesses do close during the colder months. Plan ahead so that you know what's open. Most resorts are happy to accommodate you and any questions about the region. The resort staff will often have insider tips about the best food right now or where to find a secluded area.

Manali has grown from a humble community to a tourist's dream. Learn all about fun, history and the Indian people with a trip to Manali today.

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Discover Manali's hidden beauty

Manali is found in the heart of the Himalayan country within the state of Himachal Pradesh. Around nearly every corner you can find natural and spiritual attractions to please most travelers. Learn more about this area as you gain a better understanding of Indian culture.

Manali rests between the vast mountaintops in the state of Himachal Pradesh. In fact, this city is known as an escape from everyday India where visitors bask in the cool air, breathtaking scenery, and exciting activities. The typical visitor might be an adventure seeker, newlywed, or curious traveler. Wherever your interests lie, you can find something unique in Manali.

As you first glance at Manali, it seems to swell in size as you move closer to the city centre. In the past, Manali was a simple village. It's popularity has grown over the years with both summer and winter activities available from local experts. In contrast, Manali also holds the hearts of true nature lovers. Calm and relaxing diversions are possible for those who seek inner serenity.

Regardless of your vacationing goals, Manali welcomes everyone with available tours and custom packages. It's possible to get a taste of the city with just a few days of exploring. 

Settling into the city

This city began as a humble town that's blossomed into a busy space for locals and travelers alike. Upon arriving, your first task is to choose among the many hotels in and around the city. Many properties reside on the hillsides for spectacular views at almost any time of day.

For visitors looking for easier access to a hotel, properties located within the meadow and valley areas are available. Because this city is defined by the weather conditions, some properties may or may not be open during the winter. It's always best to arrange for lodging beforehand so that there are no surprises when you arrive.

Walking through time

An astonishing way to see a handful of landmarks at one site is by visiting Naggar. It's found along Manali's perimeter, and it remains a jewel for the region. Several temples reside here along with a 500-year-old castle. You can even visit a museum or art gallery while you're walking in this hillside town. The views across the valley and to the mountain peaks on the opposite side are also worth the trip to Naggar.

Dropping down to the meadow

Although the surrounding mountaintops are Manali highlights, a vast meadowland is also a major attraction. Solang Nullah is a meadow that's surrounded by dense forest. In fact, look up at the mountaintops from anywhere in the meadow.

Explore the area by hiking, camping or even ballooning. Many hillside activities, such as rock climbing, have meeting areas within Solang Nullah too. Marvel at the gorgeous plant life in the spring and summer, or enjoy snowy engagements during the cooler months. There's something for everyone to enjoy in this natural playland.

Discovering the pass

Secure your passageway to Rohtang Pass with a permit to drive into this pristine region. Waterfalls, rolling meadows, and meandering streams define the pass during the summer months. In fact, it's nearly impossible to even travel to this area in the colder months.

You're welcome to adventure seek too or pass through the area in hopes of seeing farther locales, such as Spiti. Rohtang Pass is a protected area so that it remains a natural wonder for years to come.

Adventuring across Manali

The Mountaineering Institute is a perfect place to start any outdoor adventures in Manali. You have access to many classes that span from beginner to advanced. Classes involve river rafting, rock climbing, paragliding and so much more. Simply sign up with the institute when you're in the region. You may not have any experience, but the locals will help anyone to reach their adventuring goals.

Enlightening yourself with spiritual excursions

Manali is home to several attractions that are spiritually based. Travelers may want to carefully schedule their time to see some or all of these landmarks, such as:

Each attraction has its own history and special significance to spiritual people around the globe. You might also plan a day trip to Vashisht Village too. It's home to an ancient temple along with hot springs that are accessible to everyone.

Exploring the lake

Don't miss out on a gorgeous retreat that's near the base of Bhrigu Peak. The Bhrigu Lake is a small body of water with a snowy landscape surrounding it. Sit and meditate at the lake as you venture around Manali. It's calm shoreline and spiritual history is sure to brighten your mind.

Venturing into the forest

A spiritual awakening doesn't have to occur in and around ancient buildings. In fact, Manali is home to a breathtaking forest. It's referred to as the Wildlife Sanctuary where you can find naturally growing trees along with wildlife that's native to the area. Hiking and overnight stays are commonplace here, which gives you a chance to see the natural activities of the forest over a few hours or several days. From deer to exotic birds, this sanctuary broadens your perspective of the world as you contemplate life.

Best time to visit

Setting goals for your visit is the best way to figure out the right time to travel to Manali. Between April and July, you'll see the valley in full bloom. Spring and summer bring on warm temperatures during the day, which allows you to hike and see the area's natural beauty with just minimal clothing.

Discover gushing waterfalls and busy streams during the warmer months. Keep in mind, however, that the evenings will still be cool. Bring pants and jackets for any evening activities that you might consider.

If you're interested in winter activities, visiting Manali in the early fall is preferable. September and October offer cool temperatures without intense cold. During the main winter months, much of this area is cut off from visitors. Snow and ice become obstacles, so plan on visiting any other time of year.

Choosing things to do in Manali

Whether you're seeking nature or adventure, Manali offers it all to its visitors. For a calm day out, seek out the Wildlife Sanctuary. A dense forest defines this outing along with plenty of creatures dotting the landscape. In fact, walking among the trees or across the nearby meadows are two of the most pleasing aspects of trekking around Manali. Bring your backpack, comfortable shoes, refreshments, and an open mind as you bask in the Himalayan beauty.

There are plenty of temples and monasteries to visit in Manali too. Local maps can guide you to the most popular landmarks.

Many travelers look to Manali for its adventure-sports options. Paragliding, whitewater rafting, skiing, and rock climbing are just a few of the adventures to seek in and around Manali. Most visitors can sign up for an activity as they explore the area. Reserving the activities beforehand isn't usually necessary.

If you're new to any of these activities, the locals are happy to assist with beginning classes. Mountaineering, for example, gives you a taste of how to rock climb and maneuver among the cliffs with safety as a guiding principle. Simply ask about how-to classes when you find an attractive activity.

At times, the weather might hinder a few activities. Be flexible with your day if the winds are too harsh for paragliding, for instance. A hike along the valley can be just as rewarding. The next day might be better for a bird's eye view of Manali anyway.

How to reach

One of the main reasons why Manali is so attractive is its small-town charm. It may be a bustling city, but its remote location still makes it a treasure to be discovered. Because it isn't close to a major airport or railway system, it's important to understand how to reach Manali in a safe manner. The towering mountains make the journey an unusual one.

Most visitors reach Manali by starting off in Delhi. There are airports and trains that frequent these cities, which allows you to arrive from nearly anywhere on the planet. The more than 500 km journey to Manali, however, is possible with the help of overnight buses. They're large and comfortable buses that bring almost everyone to the city. Most bus rides start in the early evening so that you can be dropped off in Manali as soon as the morning sun rises.

These buses take you along winding, mountainous roads. The drivers are highly experienced at these trips, which allows you to take in the sights as you look out the window.

You can also take a flight to Bhuntar, Kullu which is the nearest airport to Manali and approximately 48 km away from Manali.

Once you reach Manali, traveling by foot or auto-rickshaw is preferred. This city is known for its adventurous personality, which can be discovered as you walk the open meadows and walkways.

Must know things about Manali

April to June is the peak tourist season in Manali and the best time to visit.
Nearest airport is Bhuntar in Kullu district which is approximately 50 km from Manali.