When visiting Kasol, you might think that it's a pair of towns connected together. In fact, Kasol is simply a city that has a bridge connecting its various sides. Many travelers have visited Kasol in the past as an alternative location for lodging and adventure.

The clientele have slowly evolved to include guests who demand a bit more hospitality from the local community. As a result, hotels and shopping areas have improved over the years. The first landmark that might catch your eye is the Parvati River. The water finds its way down from the mountains surrounding Kasol, which is another attraction for any adventure seeker.

As you enter the city, it might be better described as a village. Locals sell their goods and crowd into a small space for your attention. Take a close look at the items as you stroll through the shopping area. There are plenty of items that are unique to the Kasol region. Consider some of the other ways that you can spend your time here too. Bird watching, hiking and enjoying the river are clever ways to feel at peace with the landscape.

Kasol is a treasure just waiting to be found in India's northern region.

Attractions near Kasol

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