Bhuntar Travel Guide


Many travelers will find themselves in Bhuntar one day because the main airport is located here. Don't just venture away from the town center, however. This beautiful land is full of traveling opportunities, such as people watching, gazing at the landscape and enjoying the wildlife.

As you get familiar with the town, visit the suburbs where other landmarks reside. To the south, you'll discover Bajaura. This city is known for its famous landmark called the Bishweshwar Mahadev Temple. It was built several centuries ago, which makes it a sight to see.

Travel to the north to find Shamsi. This town is unique because the locals create shawls as their main export. These exquisite designs are one-of-a-kind souvenirs, so be sure to visit this town during your stay. Many people who find themselves in Bhuntar will also explore Parvati Valley. Bhuntar is actually one end of the valley with an outlook to the mountains beyond. The Himalayas are captivating from this perspective, which entices many travelers to enjoy the area even longer than expected.

Make a trip to Bhuntar to explore peace and tranquility as well as the cultural accents. The locals can show off their creativity and immerse you in history as they welcome you year-round.