At first glance, Kullu, may appear to be a town full of administrative offices. Although this description is true, there's so much more to this community. In fact, it used to be an area where hippies congregated and followed their gurus. Currently, Kullu is a place where you can discover nature and a yearly festival.

Find the Great Himalayan National Park in and around Kullu. Grand trees, deep valleys and towering mountains define this protected area. Look out for the wildlife too, which includes the monal and Himalayan tahrs and brown bears. The city itself is a unique reflection of the land's geography. It's cut in half by the Sarvari River. The south side is the most populated because it houses transportation and tourist information.

Don't overlook the beauty of the north side, however. Old buildings that are slowly decaying are a sight to see. If you're lucky enough to visit Kullu in the autumn, participate in the seven-day festival that occurs there every year. Named the Kullu Dussehra, this festival brings the town together with celebrations each day.

With the surrounding mountains and nature begging to be explored, Kullu is a region that is tempting for visitors across the globe.

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