Tempt yourself with the best India has to offer by visiting Palampur. This picturesque city offers a comfortable reprieve from the busier areas of India. Check into one of the many hotels in Palampur, and begin your wandering adventure. The Dhauladhar mountain range is your constant companion as you walk down the main street within Palampur.

Shopping might be your first stop as you engage with the locals and their unique products. The main attraction at Palampur is the nature and farming landscapes. Plenty of tea plantations surround the area along with rice fields. You can gaze out at these vast areas, and contemplate how decades of food and family life have thrived in this area.

Take some time out to hike around the pine forests found here. There are numerous streams that meander around the trees, which makes this region popular for exploring and meditating. The monsoonal rains create the beauty that you see before you, so be sure to plan out your day accordingly. You want to hike when the air is cool but not during a downpour.

The friendly people within Palampur can point out the best areas to hike so that you can enjoy this gorgeous corner of India.

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