Dalhousie Travel Guide


Fall in love with the rolling hills and grand mountaintops found in Dalhousie. Compared to much of India, Dalhousie is relatively new to the landscape. The British founded the area back in the 1850s.

It's seen its share of ups and downs through the years, but Dalhousie has found its place among the locals and visitors as they gaze at the fertile lands and bask in the comfortable climate on many days out of the year. Keep in mind that there aren't many landmarks in Dalhousie. This area is known as a relaxing spot for anyone who enjoys peace and quiet.

A unique part of this city is the brightly colored buildings. They offer a mixture of influences between Indian and British designs. Walk among the buildings to really see the detail put into each structure. Many of these buildings look out at the towering hillsides, which makes for an amazing picture and memory. Some of the rolling valleys have water features that pop up depending on the monsoonal moisture that year. Dip your toes in the water or watch the local children frolic in the same area.

Dalhousie is unlike any other region in India. It's time to widen your view of this amazing country.