Top 10 Treks in Himachal Pradesh

December 8, 2021
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Trekking through the Himalayas is often associated with climbing Mount Everest, but not everyone is a professional climber. In fact, hikers of all ages and athletic levels can move through this mountain range when you know where the best trails are located.

Venture to the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. You can find many trails or treks that will please every adventurer. Explore the top 10 treks in Himachal Pradesh because your next trip might include one or two of these experiences.

1. Kareri Lake Trek

When you want to get away from it all, the Kareri Lake Trek is a perfect choice. It takes around two to three days to complete for the moderately experienced hiker. Along this trail, discover tall pine trees with cascading canopies. Bring along your binoculars so that you can get a good look at the birds frolicking in the branches. As you walk around the pine forest, you'll see the lake's edges and how the glacial water and ice has moved over the years. Be sure to bring along clothing layers because this trek's elevation of around 9,600 feet can become chilly at times.

2. Prashar Lake Trek

One trek past Prashar Lake gives you a choice of two routes, including an easy pathway and a more advanced adventure. Both trails take you through one village each, which makes this experience unique for every traveler. Consider walking both paths on separate occasions because the views are unforgettable. The mountains surround the lake, and most travelers want to see the peaks from various vantage points. See the glassy water and snowy peaks even during the warmest months in Himachal Pradesh.

3. Triund Trek

Green, rolling hills greet you when you choose the Triund Trek. This trail is one of the best ones to take as an individual. Many travelers camp out along the pathway, which gives you a chance to meet new people and experience India as a humble local. Bring your travel tent and sleep overnight. The stars take over the sky as you look up from the mountainside. Although the mountains may look challenging, the Triund trail is relatively easy for most hikers.

4. Bhaba Pass Trek

Hikers who want a solid challenge can look to the Bhaba pass trek. The trail rises up to an elevation of 16,000 feet. Take your time as you gaze out at your surroundings. You'll eventually be so high up that the Pin Parvati pass will be visible. This trek can take around four to five days, so plan accordingly for the adventure. The amazing views are worth the effort on this trek.

5. Lake Glacier Trek

Discover never-ending forests on a trek to Lake Glacier. This trail is one of the most popular ones that extends to around 13 kilometers long. It's possible to complete this moderately difficult trail on a long weekend. See rhododendron, oak and deodar plants rising up from the valley and hillsides. Once you come to the lake, you'll find that the mountains reflect their images within it. The effect is astonishingly beautiful. Bring your cameras along to capture the magic found on this unforgettable trek.

6. Kheerganga Trek

Five to six hours is all you'll need to experience some of the beauty India has to offer. The Kheerganga Trek takes you along a river's edge that's bustling with action during the warmer months. Melting snow from the mountains above will create the river, which meanders through the hills and valleys. Walk along this trail to feel the power of the rushing water and the amazement of the mountains surrounding you.

7. Hampta Pass Trek

The chiseled hillside is your companion on the Hampta Pass Trek. You'll move from the valley to the peaks on this adventure, and you won't be alone. In fact, there are many shepherds who move along this trail for basic needs. It's heartening to see locals using the trails as the mountains look down from above. Enjoy the tall trees as well. You'll encounter walnut and oak trees that stretch into the sky. Their heights are no match for the surrounding mountains, however, which gives you a real perspective of nature's strength in this region.

8. Tosh Valley Trek

If you simply want a short trek, Tosh Valley is perfectly suited for an easy hike. You won't sacrifice beautiful views either. This trail moves you through hillsides that are absolutely breathtaking. Sit along the trail to look out on the trees and peaks before you. This trek is extremely popular because of its simplicity, so start early on in the day for a more intimate experience. It can take only around four to five hours to complete this hike.

9. Jakhu Temple Trek

This relatively simple hike takes you to both a temple and a statue. Discover the towering image of Lord Hanuman as he watches over the Jakhu Temple. It takes about one day to make this trip. Look out for the monkeys that inhabit the area in and around the temple too. They're part of nature here, and some might say that they watch over the temple over the years. There are religious pilgrimages to this structure every year, which is a treat to see as a humble traveler.

10. Malana Village Trek

This trek may take around six days to complete, but the experience is worth the effort. You'll walk between two villages with winding trails along the way. The real excitement is when the fog sets in, and you can walk in the clouds. For most hikers, the trail is set at a moderate effort. Bring along a rain jacket, camera and binoculars. You'll stay dry as you capture photos of the flora and fauna in this exotic land.

Plan to trek into Himachal Pradesh between March and October. The spring, summer and early fall months offer the best temperatures and great views of the mountains. Discover your strength on the trails of India. Many travelers experience newfound spirituality and excitement when trekking through Himachal Pradesh.

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