Hadimba Temple

India is the heart of many mystical stories that bind and support several religions across the nation. Temples built for worshiping purposes are expressions of these faiths. When you're a traveler to Manali, one place that's worth a visit includes the Hadimba Temple. It was built in the 1500's, and it's stood the test of time ever since. Learn a great deal about Indian culture and life at this temple that takes you away from the ordinary sites around India.

History of temple

The temple's history begins with a Hindu deity called Hadimba. Followers believe that Hadimba spent time in this area for meditative purposes. When she married, her demon brother took over the forest surrounding the meadow that is now the temple's permanent home. Hadimba's husband defeated the brother, which creates a haunting tale that seems to live with the aging temple.

Maharaja Bahadur Singh built the temple to commemorate the site's importance, which encourages thousands of people to visit every year. It's not unusual for visitors to pray and meditate in and around the temple as they take in the ancient energy.

Modern uses

Currently, Hadimba Temple is a place for worship and reflection. Use almost any space inside or outside the temple as you pray and appreciate the building's history.

Keep in mind that animal sacrifice is still a common practice at the temple. Animals may be hanging on the walls, so be aware of any sensitivities within your traveling group beforehand. The sacrifices are for religious purposes and also reflect the culture of the immediate area.

Additionally, there can be vendors at the temple, which may distract from the calming vibes. Visit the temple as early as possible in the day, or try a visit during the winter. The cold temperatures translate to fewer people and almost no vendors to be seen.

Finding your way

Take public transportation, including buses or taxis, to Hadimba Temple. If you prefer to walk a bit, the landmark is relatively close to the next town over. It may be accessible for nearly every traveler, but it's like a whole other world when you arrive.

The temple is open all year long. Arrive early in the spring for the best weather, or opt for a snowy encounter in the winter.

Appreciating nature

The structure may be breathtaking, but this landmark is also home to many natural surprises. It's surrounded by cedar trees called the Dhungiri Van Vihar forest. They can get so dense that sunlight may be blocked throughout the day in some places. Look past the trees to see the Himalayas too. The temple's location is thought to be a place for meditation, and it makes sense to believe this statement when you walk among the trees and gaze out at the mountains.

Make your trip to India a unique extension of your interests and curiosities. Spend some quality time at the Hadimba Temple where the vibes both inside and outside are welcoming and calming. Whether you're a devote worshiper or genuine skeptic, this temple offers an escape to a simpler time.

FAQs on Hadimba Temple

The temple is over 500 years old. It was built in the 1500's.
Hadimba Devi Temple was built by the royal family of Kullu, by Maharaja Bahadur Singh in 1553.
The distance between Mall Road and Hadimba Devi temple is approximately 1 km.

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