Rohtang Pass

The high Himalayas are a romantic region to explore while travelers keep in mind that deep valleys and dynamic weather make the area adventurous almost year-round. When you want to discover India in all of its natural grandeur, traveling across the Rohtang Pass is a perfect way to round out your vacation plans. Learn all about this destination and best times to visit it this year.

Splitting two worlds

One of the reasons why travelers are so attracted to this area is the natural division created by the mountains. In the north, you'll find cooler and higher elevations that are home to many Buddhists. Travel just south of the Rohtang Pass to find Hindus congregating for their worshiping services. It's important to note that the pass is truly a wilderness area. You can't shop, dine or find lodging within the Rohtang Pass. It's a traveling destination that still thrills the masses.

Timing your visit

The Indian government closes the Rohtang Pass during the winter. The snow is simply too deep to maintain safe passage. Time your visit from the spring and into the fall. April to October, for example, are the prime months for exploration. Be aware that snow may still be on the ground or even fall from the sky during the summer months. The pass is more than 13,000 feet above sea level, so cold air and possible storms can occur at times.

Making sports a priority

The Rohtang Pass is certainly known for its adventurous pastimes, including paragliding, skiing and traveling via snow scooters. The snow is pristine in the pass, which makes it perfect for those winter diversions. Take a break from the excitement by simply observing nature too. The flora and fauna in the mountains are unique to their location, so bring a camera and a good eye to the Rohtang Pass.

Camping alternatives

Although the Rohtang Pass is truly a traveling area, you can stop overnight with some preparation. During the spring and summer, set up camp by hiking out with all of the essentials. Tents, sleeping bags, blankets, food and water are just a few of the items that can make an overnight on the pass an experience to remember. The stars at night are particularly alluring.

Escaping the modern world

The Rohtang Pass was previously used for both traveling between regions and enjoying the area. With the completion of the Rohtang Tunnel in 2020, the pass is largely open to curious travelers. It's not necessary for commerce or locals to traverse the pass. They simply use the tunnel. Travelers who're looking for a unique hike and camping experience are welcome to enjoy the pass when the weather is optimal.

Look at the world through a new lens with a trip across the Rohtang Pass. Whether you're participating in winter activities or contemplating life with a camping trip, this India destination is unlike other areas in the world. Become one with nature as snow falls and mountain peaks gaze down at visitors from every region.

FAQs on Rohtang Pass

The best time to visit Rohtang Pass is between May to October.
The nearest airport to Rohtang La Pass is Bhuntar, Kullu. This airport is nearly 100 km away from Rohtang La Pass.
The distance between Manali to Rohtang Pass by road is approximately 51 km.
Rohtang Pass is located at an elevation of approximately 3,979 meters (13,051 feet) above sea level.
Yes, tourists need to obtain a permit to visit Rohtang Pass. The permit is issued by the Himachal Pradesh government to control the number of vehicles and protect the fragile mountain ecosystem. Permits can be obtained online or in person in Manali.

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