Solang Valley

Discover the treasure found between majestic mountains called Solang Valley. Located in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, this region is home to many different activities throughout the year. It's possible to venture to Solang Valley and never experience the same activity twice. Get to know this unique area so that you can plan out a vacation to remember.

Traveling is half the fun

Solang Valley isn't close to most Indian cities. In fact, it can take more than two hours to travel by vehicle from the airport to the valley. Make the travel component just as exciting as the destination itself.

Take a train or plane to the closest part of the valley. Rent a car or take a bus afterward. Ideally, an overnight bus ride allows your whole party to see the landscape as you move closer to the valley. Solang Valley is more than 8,000 feet in elevation, so getting used to the altitude with a slow ride is optimal.

Warm-weather diversions

Spring and early summer are some of the busiest times for vacations to Solang Valley. There are many activities to discover, including hiking among the hills and trees. Try out other experiences, such as paragliding or zorbing. It's not unusual to see a large, plastic sphere roll by with people inside. They might be on the water or along the shoreline. Alternatively, try quad biking when you want more control over your direction. Activities are always being tried out in the valley, so be open to new adventures.

A winter wonderland

In December and January, Solang Valley is usually covered in soft snow. Try skiing, snowboarding or even snowmobiling. The valley hills have gorgeous definition with tall treetops highlighting the area. Build a snowman or even pull out your camera. The wintry experience is sure to please your entire group.

Thinking of camping

Traveling to any destination can be hectic. You want to see and do so much that resting during the trip is almost forgotten. Discover a new perspective of Solang Valley by camping in tents during the spring or early summer.

Pitch a tent, set up camp and gaze at the stars. You're welcome to sit around a campfire, tell stories or simply enjoy the scenery. Experiencing the valley at a slower pace than others will highlight its minute details that shine bright.

Skip the monsoon season

India is known for its monsoonal season, which leads to heavy rains and possible flooding. To get the most out of Solang Valley, plan your trip around the monsoonal moisture. From July to September, rains tend to overpower the views and activity possibilities. By planning your trip around these times, you'll be able to experience the valley in all its splendor. Wet and possibly hazardous conditions don't complement your time in India.

See India in a different light on your next vacation. Every age group can appreciate the beauty and excitement found in Solang Valley. Feel free to be yourself and find that adventurous side to your personality at the same time. Solang Valley is a destination to remember.

Must know things about Solang Valley

The distance between Manali to Solang Valley by road is approximately 13 km.
The nearest airport to Solang Valley is Bhuntar, Kullu. This airport is nearly 62 km away from Solang Valley.
Solang Valley is famous for adventure sports like skiing, paragliding, trekking, parachuting and mountaineering.

Attractions near Solang Valley

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