Norbulingka Institute - Cultural Centre in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

Norbulingka Institute

When visiting India, you'll discover that Tibetan history plays a big role in its culture, architecture and more. In fact, a place that's dedicated to preserving the Tibetan way of life was founded back in the late 1980s. The Norbulingka Institute is an exciting destination for people of all types of backgrounds and belief systems. Learn all about this retreat so that you can understand Tibetan life firsthand.

Feeling the Calm Vibe

When you first arrive at the Norbulingka Institute, you're captivated by the surroundings. Its construction was carefully created to enhance your sense of calm. The building has a Tibetan-type architecture with dense trees surrounding it. In fact, there are many trails that move among the various buildings that make up the institute. Visitors are welcome to walk along these pathways as they become one with nature. Feel calm by simply being close to the institute that was inaugurated by the Dalai Lama.

Taking a Tour

The grounds might be overwhelming as you arrive at the Norbulingka Institute, so request a guided tour. With a small donation, these tours are free of charge otherwise. Knowledgeable docents take you through the property so that you can see every area. See a preview of artisans at their work alongside areas that might entice you to visit later on your own. You can always take a tour by yourself, but the guided tour does give you a better view of the institute overall.

Shopping the Store

Stop by the institute's store to shop before you head out. These sales help the organization's goal of supporting and nurturing the Tibetan world. You'll find handmade items, from clothing to furniture, within the store. If you leave without a purchase, make one online when you get home. The items are made with Tibetan techniques that are unknown to most of the world.

Exploring the Workshops

If you're looking for a hands-on experience, the Norbulingka Institute has a handful of classes that are perfect for newcomers. Wood carving, painting, Applique, sculpting, weaving and other workshops are available when you arrive. Every workshop is based on the Tibetan culture, which gives the art a distinct look and technique. Learn from masters in their niche at the institute because their teachings are priceless.

Discovering Other Treasures

Don't overlook some of the other treasures found at the institute. The Losel Doll Museum offers a unique way of explaining the Tibetan culture. It takes tiny dolls in traditional, Tibetan costumes and places them in relevant scenes. Travelers from any background can understand the culture with just this visual display.

After exploring the museum, there's a cafe that's open all day long. Enjoy a full meal, snacks or beverages at this eatery. The beautiful gardens make this cafe a highlight of any visit.

Visit the institute by arriving via bus. There are plenty of buses ready to serve you in Dharamshala. Spending several hours at this location will open your eyes to a different way of life. The Tibetan world relies on peace and calmness. You may feel rejuvenated after the visit.