Triund - Tourist Spot in Mcleod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh


Hiking in India may seem like an advanced experience for the athletic type, but there is a place where everyone can participate. Introduce yourself to Triund, which is a hiking trail that's known for its unique pathways. In fact, it divides the Kangra Valley from the snowy peaks of the Dhauladhar Mountains. Learn all about this hiking adventure that will make you a fan of the sport and surrounding land. 

Perfect for All Ages

The Triund offers a gradual incline along the first section of its length. For this reason, the trail is perfect for most ages and athletic abilities. Be on the look out for railings to hold onto as you walk into India's natural realm.

To make the trek even more comfortable, there are several cafes along the trail. Stop for a break as you sip some tea. The Triund's caretakers want everyone to enjoy the experience, so take advantage of these stops and support the local vendors.

Flora and Fauna Along the Way

The mountaintops and deep valleys are all visible from most of the Triund path. These views might distract you from the flora and fauna that's just near your feet. Appreciate the coniferous trees, including pines, that form a dense forest across from the Triund. There are also many outcroppings of rhododendrons that decorate the ground. Their blossoms light up the scenery.

Look for the countless numbers of birds that enjoy this area too. A pair of binoculars and a camera are great accessories to bring along on this trek.

Opting for Sunset

Ideally, start the Triund hike in the morning. You have a good chance at making it to the ridge by sunset as a result of your efforts. In fact, many travelers make sunset their goal on this hiking experience. As the sun sets, the waning light highlights the mountains in unique ways. If you do opt for a sunset view, it's preferable to stay overnight too.

Camping Overnight

You can rent tents so that you can set up camp along the trail. A night out with nature is an amazing experience for travelers. You can always buy other supplies, such as food and water, along the trail from friendly vendors. 

Alternatively, book a room at the local guest house. These accommodations are reasonably priced and offer a roof over your head. If the weather is particularly cold that night, this option can be worth the cost.

Venturing Further

For the experienced hiker, you may want to spend several days venturing into the foothills. The Triund is just the first part of your adventure. Consider a longer trip that might include Lakha Cave or Indrahar Pass. Some travelers simply want to visit the snow line. Plan out these hikes so that you have enough supplies and energy to come back down. 

Make your plans early for a trip to Triund. As the seasons change, so does the plant life and animals that scurry around the area. Discover another side to India with a trek along Triund. It's an experience that's unforgettable.