Dalai Lama Temple

An awe-inspiring landmark is ready to welcome you to India at the Dalai Lama Temple. India is proud to support the Dalai Lama's freedom with this pilgrimage site dedicated to him. In fact, visitors are more than welcome to pray, meditate and walk around the grounds when they're in the region. Many people make it a priority to visit this temple, which makes it a popular place for both religious and secular people across the world.

Enjoying the exterior elements

The Dalai Lama Temple stands out above all other buildings in Dharamshala region. The maroon-and-gold accents make it a focal point with the tall mountains behind it. The temple's exterior is full of items to explore. There are statues and distinct decorations that line the outside area. Take your time as you walk toward the towering stairs. There's a real sense of tranquility at the foot of the temple, which is often associated with the ongoing prayer in and around the area. Be mindful of the monks who walk around the temple so that they can continue with their meditations.

Venturing inside

The temple is open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Take off your shoes as you enter the facility. You're welcome to bring electronic devices for photos and videos. However, maintaining a sense of calmness and quiet is preferable inside the building. Many people travel far and wide to simply pray within these walls.

Ask about meditating or praying as the lamas move about the temple. Enjoy the museum and library that are also within the complex. You can read about the region's history, religion and other unique details. Immersing yourself in the temple's graces is part of the experience.

Meditation and prayer wheels

Take part in ancient rituals at the Dalai Lama Temple by rotating the prayer wheels. They can be found throughout the temple. All travelers are encouraged to turn the wheels and pray along with the inscriptions added to the exterior surfaces. Meditation and prayer are the main attractions at this temple. Keep your voice down or refrain from speaking at all unless it's in prayer. Being respectful of the lamas and faithful visitors is appreciated any time of year.

Seeing his holiness

The Dalai Lama does visit the temple on a regular basis. Travelers can arrange their visit around this schedule. There are a few limitations surrounding the area at that time, however. For crowd control, the Dalai Lama requires tickets to his prayers. Every visit to the temple is free, and listening to His Holiness in person is a thrill for believers. Consider a translator for these teachings because the Dalai Lama speaks in Tibetan.

The Dalai Lama Temple is a landmark that deserves a visit at least once in a lifetime. After arriving by airplane, you can access the neighborhood by bus or cab. The locals enjoy travelers as they share in the Dalai Lama's vision of a peaceful world. Learn more about yourself and Buddhism as you discover this land and its amazing history.

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