Vashisht Temple

India is home to many historical facts and mystical stories. Come and explore Manali, India, for all its rich history with a trip to Vashisht Temple. It's thought that this temple has been in use for thousands of years. As travelers to India, learn more about this sacred place as you immerse yourself in its ancient culture.

Hiking into nature

This temple can be found about three kilometers from the Manali Bus Stand. Many travelers take this opportunity to hike over to the village that houses this humble site. In fact, the trees surrounding the temple are extremely dense, which gives travelers a chance to see native flora and fauna as they make their way to the destination.

Wear comfortable walking shoes because the terrain can be a bit hilly. You'll have enough energy at the end of your walk to explore the temple.

Exploring the temple

The wood material making up the temple is more than just structural sections. The Vashisht Temple's creators added ornate decorations around the entire building. Walk around the exterior, and take plenty of photos before entering the temple.

Wood carvings and Hindu decorations fill the temple's interior. Visitors can spend several hours just contemplating the beauty and history surrounding each carving. Be mindful of the space as others may be worshiping and meditating at the same time.

Discovering the hot springs

One of the most famous parts of the Vashisht Temple is the hot springs. It has a sulfurous base, which is good for the skin. In fact, bathhouses have arose around the temple so that you can have a physically healing delight in the water as you explore the grounds afterwards.

The River Beas is close to the temple too, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful view as the hot springs warm your soul.

Marveling at history

The Vashisht Temple is thought to be 4,000 years old from its origination. Because wood structures cannot last that long without deterioration, this temple was reconstructed back in the early 1990's. However, its history remains true.

Within the temple are many carvings and historical markers that tell its amazing story. Locals will often share information about their beloved temple too. Hindus have been worshiping for many generations, so stories about their deities and historic temples are plentiful.

Timing your visit

The Vashisht Temple is typically open all day with a break around lunchtime. In the early morning, however, are sacred-bath times that may not allow many visitors in until afterward. The locals keep the temple open every day of the week so that worshiping and meditating can be prioritized.

Keep in mind that this area is often closed down during the late fall and winter. Schedule your visit with good weather in mind.

The Vashisht Temple is a perfect example of a must-see destination. Take your time as you explore the property and meditate on the surrounding nature. Manali, Himachal Pradesh, is a land that's beautiful to discover on your own time. Its spirituality beckons travelers from across the globe.

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