Manu Temple

When you're looking for a spiritual awakening that's nearly free from environmental distractions, visiting the Manu Temple is a clever way to fulfill your spirits. This destination is found in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, where temples are certainly commonplace. However, this structure is unique in its dedication and location. Learn all about Manu Temple and how it can shape your next itinerary to beautiful India.

The narrow pathway

One of the first details that you might notice includes the pathway to the temple itself. It's not located on a main street. The majority of temples in and around India tend to be centralized to the population but not Manu Temple. In fact, the pathway is quite narrow as it leads down to the structure. It creates its own adventure as you find yourself moving among the trees, bushes and meadows.

Ideally, wear comfortable shoes that can take a solid walk. You'll need them for the pathway and grounds surrounding the temple.

Being aware of courtesies

Visitors are welcome to walk freely around the grounds in casual wear, but entering the temple requires a few rules. The knees and shoulders should be covered. The interior space is a sacred area, which means that the clothing must be conservative. You're showing off your respect for the deities and history within the space.

Keep your voice down too. Everyone is welcome to worship and meditate as they please. The temple is open nearly every day of the year with plenty of time to explore the interior. Find your spiritual side as you close your eyes and worship. The deities being worshiped in this space have been part of Indian culture for generations.

Trekking the grounds

Part of the allure that surrounds Manu Temple is the natural surroundings. Make sure to walk around the hillsides above the landmark because the views are distinctly Indian. You might see mountaintops in the distance, wildlife running about and clouds moving across the landscape. The elevation might be a bit difficult for some people to acclimate to, so take your time with any hikes around the area. A gentle climb into the heavens is worth the effort.

Picturing the view

Visitors are encouraged to bring their cameras so that they can capture the beauty that surrounds the temple. The structure is nestled within several hillsides and picturesque mountains dot the background. Depending on the time of year, the shadows might strike the temple at just the right angle so that it's highlighted in all its glory. Bring all your camera accessories for an unbelievable photo shoot.

Be aware that no photographs are allowed inside the temple. The interior space is considered sacred, which translates to no distractions as people worship and meditate.

From its pagoda-style architecture to its outstanding views, the Manu Temple is a definite highlight to any trip to India. Learn about its history and explore the temple's grounds for the best experience. This landmark can give you a different view of the world with just one visit.

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