Jogini Waterfall

India is home to some of the most beautiful landmarks in the world, including Jogini Waterfall. At a staggering height of about 160 feet, this water feature is shrouded in romanticism and mysticism all at once. Discover one of the longest waterfalls in the region with a trip to this natural wonder.

The journey is part of the adventure

Venturing to Jogini Waterfall is part of the allure when you visit this part of Manali. Start your trek at the Vashisht Temple. There's a dedicated path that runs several miles to the waterfall. It's a walkable terrain that includes many highlights of its own.

Pine trees and apple orchards are plentiful along the route. The shade is often appreciated because of the warmer days throughout the summer. Gaze up at the tall trees, and try to count the number of apples dangling within the orchard. This trek is full of natural details that are sure to please everyone in your group.

A temple detour

As you arrive at the base of the falls, you'll discover the Jogini Mata temple. Locals still use this temple for various spiritual pursuits. There may be signs asking for silence around the temple, so keep this in mind as you find yourself at the trek's endpoint.

Focus your attention on the pool where you're welcome to enjoy a relaxing time. Dip your toes in the water, take photos and stare at the flowing water. On a calm day, the waterfall has a relatively serene action that's helpful for those who want to meditate.

Trekking to the top

It's possible to enjoy a view from the top of the waterfall. For visitors with nimble legs, take the marked pathway alongside the lower pond. In less than a half hour, the Manali Valley can be part of your cherished memories as you gaze out at the landscape. Bring those cameras to capture every angle of this gorgeous place too. Nature puts on a great show with the water flowing below and the clouds clinging to the sky above.

Planning your visit

The average visitor can explore the path, falls and topside area after about three to four hours of walking. Keep the walking time in mind as you pack your bags. Comfortable shoes, lightweight clothing and hats are highly encouraged for this type of trek.

Additionally, plan a trip to Jogini Waterfall in the warmer months. The winter can be too uncomfortable for outdoor adventures, and monsoon season creates a heavy flow that may be too dangerous for visitors.

As you move around the various locations, be respectful of any locals visiting the areas too. There are many sacred elements to the water and surrounding land. Allow people to meditate or worship with as little disturbances as possible.

Exploring Manali in Himachal Pradesh can be part of any vacation. Carve out a day or two to really feel the power behind Jogini Waterfall. It's an outstanding addition to any itinerary. The water calms the mind and spirit as you immerse yourself in India's beauty.

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