When you're looking for a vacation destination with a real sense of history, come to Jaisalmer. This city was founded in the 12th century, and it still retains its ancient appearance as it rests within the Thar Desert. A mesmerizing fort surrounds much of the city as it stands guard over the eons.

With its "Golden City" designation, Jaisalmer shows off its namesake with the yellow coloring within the fort and numerous buildings in the area. You might take a walk among the buildings as you greet the friendly locals too. Bring your spending money so that you can contribute to the local economy while taking home a lovely treat to enjoy for all time.

Because of the multiple roads that intersect in and around town, Jaisalmer has the benefit of many different travelers bringing their goods to market. Discover grains and fabrics produced by the locals, for example. Don't overlook the beauty of the residences either. Their golden color and architecture are just as impressive as the ramparts that surround the town.

Tourists should make it a point to wander the streets so that they can get suitably lost in the culture and beauty that defines Jaisalmer, India.