Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

The city of Jaisalmer is a jewel in the treasure of Indian Heritage. Raja Rawal Jaisal found it in 1156 A.D. and since then the city has a charm and charisma of its own. Famous for its forts, palaces and glorious past, the city of Jaisalmer is one of the biggest cities of India. The mystic city possesses all the elements of a perfect fairy tale and therefore, it is a must visit tourist spot in Rajasthan. In the barren and harsh deserts of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is blessed with a wide variety of Flora and Fauna.

The sand of the desert puts up a golden hue in the sparkling sunshine and the palm trees stand as if welcoming the guests of honor. The golden carpet of the glittering sand and the rising and falling façade of the sand dunes make the expedition to this magnificent place even more exciting. Apart from its natural splendor, the city is famous for its spicy cuisine which comprises of the famous Dal, Baati and Choorma. You can also dip your taste buds into the famous Ker Sangri which forms the inevitable part of the cuisine of this city.

The ideal time to visit this splendid city is from October to March when the Sun God is in a relaxed mood and the climate is thus a little less harsh. But whatever time of the year you visit Jaisalmer, it surprises you with the heritage, safari, culture, nightlife, fairs, festivals, cuisines and what not. So, when you come to Jaisalmer, be prepared for a roller costar ride of fun and pleasure.

Why Visit Jaisalmer?

Cultural Heritage

The city of Jaisalmer is a synonym to the rich Indian culture of the country of India. The culture of India has impressed the people of the whole world and the city and its monuments are another fabulous instance of it.


The exotic dishes that form part of the Marwari cuisine embellish the menus of the famous eating joints of Jaisalmer. There is no dearth of mouth watering platters which makes the taste buds go wild. The famous Murgh-e- Subz will leave you yearning for more whereas the vegetarians can never forget the taste of Kadi Pakoras.


The puppetry shows will captivate you with its tiny puppets decorated in vibrant hues and native styles. The tales told by these puppets usually have a moral impact and therefore it is one of the most favored forms of entertainment here. The music and the art of this city are inspired by its rich culture and therefore leave a lasting imprint on the memories of the audience.


The exuberant tints of the countless glass bangles and the flairs of Bandhini fabric pull the visitors like a magnet. They are taken by surprise by the wide variety of articles that are hard to be left. The brass artifacts, the exclusive shoes, the puppets and the fabrics, it is hard to make a decision as to what not to buy.


Places like the Desert National Park, The Wood Fossil Park, Amar Sagar Lake and the Khuri Sand Dunes present the diversity of natural richness which the city holds.

Places Around

Jaisalmer Fort

The key attraction of Jaisalmer, the fort is also called the Sonar Quilla or the Golden Fort.It ascends from the sand and amalgamates with the azure bosom of the sky. The beautiful antique Havelis form a unique part of the fort which is home to the finest works of carvings and paintings.

Patwa Havelis

As the tagline of the Haveli suggests, “True Glamour Never fades”. The glamour and charm of these Havelis have not faded with time. Moreover like an exquisite wine, the charm has increased with the passage of time. Famous as the Tajmahal of Jaisalmer, the Haveli offers a large variety of crafts and handlooms to the visitors.

Salim Singh’s Haveli

The arch shaped roof and the peacock carvings on the walls of the Haveli attract a mob of tourists and native admirers to this place. The famous painting of a man in black turban is the most sought after feature of this Haveli.

Mandir Palace (Tazia Tower)

A model of exquisite architecture, the pagoda shaped tower is one of the famous tourists’ hot-spot of Jaisalmer.  The unique monument has a five-floor structure which has an attractive balcony and provides an awesome view. Half of the tower has been converted into a heritage hotel which is open for the visitors’ accommodation.

Government Museum & The Folk Museum

If one is interested in discovering in the exotic taste of the bygone era, the museum is of prime importance. The antique crockery, the traditional jewellery and the masterpieces of art are the main attractions of the museum.

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