Fill your vacation with plenty of romance as you discover the beauty and culture in Udaipur. As you first lay eyes on the city, the buildings flanking the water's edge are dominate features.

Venture closer to Udaipur to see temples, gorgeous residences and royal palaces. Any couple or traveler will appreciate the details that went into building this amazing city as you walk among the locals, vendors and other tourists.

The natural wonders are numerous as you look outside of the city's walls. The Aravalli Range is just nearby with Lake Pichola touching the city's edges. When you tire of city life, go out to the countryside where hikes are possible among the flora and fauna. Horseback riding is even a possibility, which is a highlight for many romantic couples.

Be sure to stop by the local vendors as you complete your day out in the countryside. There are plenty of products to admire and purchase along the city streets. Udaipur is a hidden treasure in India where you can appreciate history while feeling free from the busier parts of the country.

Visit Udaipur today. The hotels, shopping and activities will lift your spirits and make you feel part of the culture.

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