When you're looking for a spiritual experience, look no further than Pushkar. This city is prominently regarded in the Hindu world as a pilgrimage site for believers around the world. Over 50 bathing ghats are available alongside countless numbers of buildings.

Discover the Brahma temple that defines this city too. In fact, there are hundreds of temples where believers sing, pray and devote themselves to Hinduism. The city seems to vibrate with positive thinking as praying continues throughout the year. Tourists are welcome to visit and engage with their spiritual side as well.

Although Pushkar is relatively laid back with its religious vibe, the streets are busy locations as well. They're home to many vendors selling hundreds of different items. Clothing, instruments and everything in-between are available in Pushkar.

If you're lucky enough to visit during the fall months, the Camel Fair is a sight to see. Camels dressed in fine decorations are bought, sold and raced during this time. Locals sell their handicrafts and Hindus enjoy some spiritual time as the fun continues over several days.

Pushkar is a distinct destination that defines India's eclectic culture. Find yourself with a trip to this beautiful land that overlooks Snake Mountain.

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