As you come upon Jodhpur, you're struck by the color that the city emanates. The buildings are bright blue, and they can be seen from afar for miles. In fact, many travelers perceive Jodhpur as a jewel within the Thar Desert. It's a reprieve from the hot conditions that surround the city.

Within its busy intersections, you'll find locals who trade, produce and sell goods that are as eclectic as their ancient culture. Find items such as leather, dyed fabrics, marble, glass bangles and many other treasures among the vendors scattered across the city. From growing crops to manufacturing goods, Jodhpur practices both traditional and modern skills among its people today.

An eye-catching landmark in Jodhpur is its fort. Known as the Mighty Mehrangarh, this fort surrounds much of the city. It gives the town a perimeter that's stunning to see while showing off its strength against any adversity. This region was known for its historical battles, and the fort is a reminder of those times. Wander the streets below the fort to really feel the pulse of the city.

From shopping to touring the amazing architecture in town, Jodhpur offers something for every visitor as the desert's beauty defines the horizon.

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